Guarantee becomes effective when your complete payment has been credited to ANDY OnCall® account. There are no other guarantees expressed or implied and there is no liability for consequential damages of any nature or kind. Incomplete payment or separate payment to craftsmen, for any reason, voids the warranty and may result in a lien on your property. Any representations made by craftsman, other than those set forth on contract, are hereby disclaimed by ANDY OnCall® Any agreements made beyond this contract to circumvent ANDY OnCall® will subject the parties to legal prosecution.

Warranty repairs do not extend original warranty period. ANDY OnCall® has the right to refund a portion of cost in lieu of completion of work or warranty service. Warranty work is to be performed by the original craftsman, if available. If customer or the customer's contractor modifies work performed by ANDY OnCall® in any way, warranty is void.

ANDY OnCall® excludes certain repairs from its warranty. Items excluded but not limited to: roof repairs/leaks, gutter guards, leaky faucets/toilets (unless unit is replaced), blocked plumbing, caulking, grouting and electrical troubleshooting. Any selection relative to color, type, texture and style are sole responsibility of customer. Unless otherwise specified, estimate is for one coat of paint only. No guarantee on matching color of existing paint or texture.